Investing in Liquid Alternatives

5 Valuable Liquid Alternative Solutions for A Down Market

Our guide will teach you everything you need to know about the power of liquid alternative investments and the new opportunities you can provide for your client portfolios with iSectors Liquid Alternative ETFs—the Future of Investing

5 Valuable Liquid Alternative Solutions for A Down Market

iSectors® offers innovative ETF portfolio allocation models to provide new and better strategies with which to invest in today’s financial markets. iSectors objectives are simple: improve risk-adjusted portfolio performance, increase diversification, liquidity, and transparency and reduce costs. This ebook helps you discover five, very valuable, liquid alternative solutions that can help you prepare your clients for the next down market.

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5 Valuable Liquid Alternative Solutions for A Down Market

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About the Authors

Chuck Self

Chuck Self serves as the Chief Investment Officer (CIO) and the Chief Operating Officer (COO) at iSectors® LLC. He has over 30 years of experience in the investment management industry, and his background is diverse. The early portion of Chuck’s career focused on managing multi-billion dollar fixed income portfolios for such firms as ABN AMRO and Prudential. Most recently, he has also been involved in portfolio management as the CIO for the Teachers’ Retirement System of Illinois and marketing of alternative investments.

Vern Sumnicht

Vern Sumnicht founded iSectors®, LLC in 2008, an index exchange-traded fund (ETF)-based investment strategist, to specialize in creating allocation models for investment advisors. iSectors®, LLC offers 15 allocation models with varying degrees of risk which allows advisors to create customized portfolio solutions for their clients. In addition, Vern is the CEO of Sumnicht & Associates, LLC, a family wealth management and institutional investment consulting business, established in 1988.

Vern Sumnicht

Full Chapter List

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  1. iSectors® is an Advisor’s Ongoing Partner03
  2. Innovative Liquid Alternative Strategies Including Post-MPT04
  3. The Case for Post-MPT as a Liquid Alternative09
  4. How to Have Thriving Clients in the Next Stock Market Correction13
  5. Optimally Diversified Portfolio for Upcoming Interest Rate Environment19
  6. Advisors: How to Show Your Clients LOVE with Precious Metals23
  7. Disclosure29
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